Free is good, but does a free lemon check give you all the info you need before you buy that used car?
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Free Lemon Checks: Really Free?

What is a Lemon?

Basically, a lemon is a car that had so many mechanical problems that the manufacturer bought it back. States have their own lemon laws, so the exact circumstances vary. Try searching online for "lemon law" to get more info or has some good state-by-state info.

A vehicle history report from CARFAX will tell you if the car has a lemon registration.

What's so great about a "Free Lemon Check"?

"Free" is good. And you definitely want to know if a car is a lemon before you buy. But here's the scoop: there are actually very few cars that are "certified lemons." The likelihood that you're about to buy one is really small. In fact, it's much more likely that the car has another kind of problem or potential problem.

So don't be fooled by the report: just because the car passes the "lemon check" doesn't mean it doesn't have other problems. Get an unlimited vehicle history report account from CARFAX to run a full report on all the cars you're looking at to find ANY problems they might have.

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