Free is good, but does a free record check give you all the info you need before you buy that used car?
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Free Record Checks: What are they?

Here's what the free CARFAX Record Check looks like for my car's VIN:

As you can see, CARFAX has decoded the information coded into the VIN itself (more info about VIN Numbers) to determine some basics about my trusty Passat: year, make, model and even country of mfr. Then, they have checked in their database to see whether they have any data on my car. Turns out they have 12 records.

Once you do pay for the report, though, you'll get to see the content of the report and what each of the records are. In most cases these records will set your mind at ease. And that's what you're paying for. Peace of mind. When I checked this VIN before buying my VW family wagon, I saw that there were no nasty surprises... it wasn't a lemon, it wasn't totaled, it wasn't stolen. The 12 records now include the previous owner's registrations, his sale of the car and my purchase and my own subsequent annual registrations.

So a "Free Record Check" is just a first step in getting the peace of mind you're looking for. Trust me. There's no free lunch with these but the $20-some bucks you pay is a small price compared to what you're about to spend on that used car with it's unknown history. Save yourself some time and enter your VIN number below to get in the know...

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